Friday, 4 April 2014

Welcome to the April Dernier Publishing newsletter!

Help, there's no way through!
No way out?
You know how sometimes there just doesn't seem to be a way through? Whether it's a family, financial, work, church or health issue, we all face crises from time to time where there just doesn't seem to be a solution.

You see these two pictures? I was walking on this muddy path in the woods towards what seemed to be a fence . . . no way through! But in fact, there was a way through. I just couldn't see it until I was right on top of it!

Ah, there is a way!
In the same way, we need to 
keep walking by faith. Even when we can't see an ending, or a solution, we just need to keep trusting, because if we are heading in the right direction, the Lord will always make a way where there seems to be no way. Nothing is too difficult for him!

At Dernier we have had a few sticky months, with all sorts of difficulties, delays and frustrations with our long-awaited new book, A Pennyworth of Peppermints and the CD and DVD versions of Deepest Darkness. Please pray for us, that we will keep walking (for us that means publishing!), so we can keep reaching out to children with the good news. Thank you for your kind support. :-)

A Pennyworth of Peppermints

A spy story set in the First World War
Hurray, hurray, hurray, this lovely story is finally at the printers! Isn't that a fab illustration by artist John Raymer? :-)

A Pennyworth of Peppermints is a spy story, set in the First World War. While collecting driftwood on their local beach in Dorset, Ben and Sidney find a message in a bottle washed up on the shore. The message is written in rhyme – is it just a poem? Through a series of adventures, the boys, along with Sidney's sister, Vera, discover that there is much more to the message than meets the eye . . .

This delightful story captures a little of what life was like for families living through the Great War, and how faith in God can make a difference, whatever the circumstances.

We have already had some reviews! Here are a couple:

It was epic..... It helped me understand what life was like as a child in WW1..... It reminded me that God is interested in helping us through tough times.” - Florence

Cool, interesting, exciting.... It was a great book! I liked it that the children were detectives! I liked that it said Jesus is always with me.” - Joseph

Florence and Jo's mum said, It has been lovely and special, reading a book together, a lovely change to read a book teaching morals and biblical truths in a way that's engaging.
This book isn't quite on the website yet, but will be very soon. Do you have contact with a Christian school or children who are home-schooled? Would you be kind enough to let them know about the book? It is the perfect novel for schoolchildren to study as class readers, prizes and/or library books in this 100th anniversary year of the outbreak of the First World War. Wouldn't it be great for more children to read about how Jesus is with them, whatever difficulties they are facing?

A huge thank you to all who bought books for Kisumu children in Kenya!
A couple of weeks ago I delivered the books you donated to Cherry Brierley, whose husband, Peter, has now taken them to give to Kisumu children. Cherry was delighted to receive the books - she told me the children will be thrilled with them. I did wonder if it would add rather to Peter's baggage, but Cherry told me firmly that the books will be a priority. How wonderful that we can work together in this way to help children in difficult circumstances. If we all do our bit, we can often make a way where there seems to be no way! Do pray for the children who will read the books. Some are orphans, some have desperate family situations.

Are your children safe online?
This book comes highly recommended for anyone who is concerned about the safety of their children online. It helps parents to be aware of the dangers, and to be able to safely guide their children through the maze of the Internet. Dr. Bex says, ‘In the same way as you’re beside your child when they learn to crawl, walk and ride a bike, right up to when they learn to drive, you have to teach them to respect the digital environment, look for the opportunities and be aware of the potential dangers. Talk to them about what they are seeing and experiencing, give them freedom within boundaries as you would in any other space.’ You can buy the book from any Christian bookshop.

Audio and eBooks
3 x CDs; you'll love it!
I sent out an email a little while ago asking if you would be kind enough to support our kindle books. Many thanks to those who bought the book/s and wrote reviews on Amazon– your support is much appreciated! I am going to leave the price at just 75p-ish for a few more days, just in case you meant to buy and didn't get round to it! And you can now buy the audio CDs and DVDs of Deepest Darkness through our website or from Christian bookshops. If you have a car journey coming up, this would be a great investment :-) Click here for the audio version of Deepest Darkness!

Michele Guinness bought The Birthday Shoes!

Michele and me!
Last week I had the privilege of speaking at a meeting where Michele Guinness was doing a book signing. (Thanks to Norman Nibloe of Tonbridge Christian Book Centre for inviting me.) Michele gave an entertaining talk about her new novel, Archbishop; I was delighted when she bought a copy of 'The Birthday Shoes' for her granddaughter (you can just see the corner of the book in the photo!).
If you would like me to come and speak to your group and share the Dernier vision, just Contact Janet as usual!
Well I think I've gone on enough! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter, celebrating our gracious Saviour.
P.S. Don't forget your audio book! Click to our website for the CDs!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sex education for six-year-olds

So, six-year-old children are being given sex education, and children at secondary schools are being offered tests for sexually transmitted diseases in lunch time and after school clinics. This is apparently a response to high pregnancy rates.

Click here to read the Christian Institute article

We need to fight back for our children's lives. What can we do?

I suggest three things:
    We need to pray for the children in our families, for our church children, our friends' children, our children's friends, the children who attend our local schools, children in homes and schools we sponsor, or have links with. We need to pray for our minster's children, for missionary kids, for children in our town, in the UK, all over the world.

    Put up our shields!  
    We need to be pro-active in protecting our own families. If anything unsuitable comes on the TV, we should turn it off. We need to be a good example, and be watchful for those we are responsible for. We need to keep an eye on what is being beamed into our own homes. We need to keep computer screens where we can see them. We need to keep lines of communication open, and talk about issues as they come up. We need to start today, and stay vigilant. We can campaign with Care for the Family, Christian Institute and other charities/organisations that work for young people.

    Get out our swords!
    We need to give our children good Christian alternatives to the things that are bombarding them from all around, to fill their minds with good things and make sure they know what is good. We need to read Bible stories/Scripture verses with them, talk about the things of God, buy them Christian stories, music and DVDs. 

    If you have 10-14 year-old girls, you might like to give them the excellent, relevant and fun Beech Bank Girls books by Eleanor Watkins. These stories, written from a Christian perspective, face all sorts of issues by six young teens, including friendships. You can buy them from your local Christian bookshop, or from following this link:  Dernier Publishing

    May the Lord keep your children safe.



Monday, 31 March 2014

Let's fill our kids' minds with good things!

So, it has been proven by this three year study, that kids really do act aggressively after playing violent computer games:

Iowa State University Study

Something else really interesting that this study brings out:

"An earlier study, carried out by the same team, found that computer games, films or TV programmes which show positive actions also influence behaviour."

Let's fill our children's minds with good things - give them good, relevant, fun Christian alternatives!


Dernier Publishing books 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2014!

Happy New Year!
I feel really excited about this year – maybe the Lord has some wonderful things in store for us! Books that you have donated for Kisumu children in Kenya will be going out in the spring (it's not too late to donate a book or two, just let me know!); Mary Weeks Millard's new book, 'A Pennyworth of Peppermints' is due out around Easter time; 'Deepest Darkness' will be out in audio and video soon, and we have many more exciting projects in the pipeline . . . Please pray for wisdom, and for the finances to complete all the projects we would love to do, so we can reach as many children as we can with the 'message in a story'. The Lord is able to do more than we can ask for or imagine . . . if we all pray, who knows what we may be able to accomplish, by the Lord's grace? Just like the berries in the photo which feed the birds, may our stories be 'berries' that will nourish our children!

Please Pray
Please pray for all the children who will have received our books as Christmas presents. Please pray that the Lord will use the stories to touch children's hearts and lives . . . and their friends and families, too!

Christian Parenting Challenge
If you have made a new year's resolution to deepen your relationship with your child/children, why not join the Christian Parenting Challenge? This is a free resource – every day for 30 days you will be sent an email with a simple challenge for that day. It sounds daunting, but feedback so far has been positive, so why not give it a go? Email me if you'd like to sign up: :-)

Kindle for Christmas?
I visited friends last week, whose two children both received kindles for Christmas, and were really enthusiastic about them! Up until recently, most e-readers were being bought and used by the over 50s . . . but more and more children are starting to use e-readers for fiction, so we must keep up. 'The Treasure Hunt' and 'Mystery in the Snow' are already on kindle, but this year we're hoping to get all our books out as e-books. I'm not a “techie”, but I understand that you can change the format for other e-readers. If anyone can give us a step-by-step run down of how to do this, I can pass on the info in the next newsletter! :-)

Sharing the Wealth!
We love to hear from you! Please find below some reviews from one of our supporters – thank you Roy :-) (By the way, I've left them completely unedited!)

"The Birthday Shoes"
I greatly enjoyed this. It showed a first-hand knowledge of Africa. It was easy to identify with Emily Jane and her growing understanding of the difficult circumstances faced by African children. The growing spiritual perception of her friend, Jenna, was convincing. The twists and turns in the story kept it moving forward at a lively pace.

"I want to be an Airline Pilot"
This was an intriguing and delightful tale of an orphaned family which was written with great compassion. The hero, Shema, and the lady that rescued him, Mama Grace, and their fears and emotions were very well portrayed. Again the story was fast-moving and full of local interest.

"The Treasure Hunt"
This story had plenty of movement, and there was lively interaction between the young characters. It seemed unlikely that youngsters would have got quite so involved as sleuths in real life, but it made for a good story. There were perhaps too many "religious moments" in the story, but that clearly didn't put the young people off who were quoted on the back cover.

"London's Gone"
This was a very original story, full of adventure and surprise, especially the ending. It seemed rather surreal, and I kept wondering why no adults stopped to rescue them, but the interaction between the three children was well-executed, as was the gradual change in thinking and attitude of the older girl, Maria. The contrasting characters of the two girls and Arthur was a great idea, though Arthur seemed to be too spiritual to be true. The story-line gripped me.

"Deepest Darkness"
This was a gentle and rather predictable story, but the gradual release of the heroine, Abi, from her fears was well-portrayed. I liked the way that the explicit mentions of God or Jesus were few, and this made the gradual spiritual enlightenment more realistic.

"The Only Way"
This was the one I liked best. I thought the teenage boy (I have lent the book out and can't remember his name) was very convincingly portrayed. The author had a good knowledge of teenage psyche and language (There were words of which I did not know the meaning!).
The treatment of the gypsies, and especially of the girl - was she gypsy was she angel ? - was very moving. I thought that this book could well appeal to a non-Christian child or teenager and open them up to the possibility of a God who cares about us. It may also speak to a youngster from a Christian home, struggling with whether to buy into her/his parents' faith.

What do you think? Let me know! :-)

Thank you
A sincere thank you to all who have helped us in any way over the last year. You have no idea how much your support has been appreciated, whatever your involvement. You can also:
  • follow us on facebook:
  • follow us on twitter: @janetwilsonxxx
  • recommend our books to others
  • stock our books in your shop/church bookstall
  • forward our newsletters to friends and colleagues
  • print out our newsletter for your church noticeboard
  • recommend our books to your children's school or home school group
  • ask for our books at your local library
  • buy a book (or as many books as you like!) for Kisumu children in Kenya
  • write a review for online bookstores (e.g. Amazon, Eden, Goodreads)
  • pray for us!

Could you just do one extra thing to help us to 'enlarge our territory'? And of course you can buy our books for the children on your heart – that's the best thing of all! Thank you so much :-)

Ooh, I nearly forgot!
We're giving away a free book, prayer booklet or poster every month in 2014! This month we're going to give away the first of the Beech Bank Girls series – it's a really lovely book! Pop over to, like our page and share the photo of the book, and you could be the winner! Oh dear, I've run out of room again! May 2014 be a really special year for you and your family. And if there's anything we can do to help, do let me know!


Friday, 13 December 2013

Merry Christmas to all Dernier Publishing supporters!

 I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to all our supporters, and to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful thing it is that the true light came into the world at Christmas! May the light continue to shine His light into our lives, that we also may bring His light into the world where we are now, today.

Please click on the link below for the 44 second video :-)

Click here for your thank you and Merry Christmas message!

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Latest news from Janet Wilson of Dernier Publishing

Welcome to the
December 2013
Dernier Publishing

Family, food, friends and fun?
It's great to celebrate. Like many other Christians, though, I struggle with the mix of consumerism and faith at Christmas. There's Jesus in the manger versus Santa in his grotto (yes, I took my grandson to the latter). There's our joyful celebrations when brothers and sisters in other parts of the world are having their churches bombed and their services disrupted. Half the world will go hungry while we will stuff our faces until we can't eat any more. For days on end. But I will join in, and be grateful that Christ came. Can you guess what these lovely festive items are in the photo? They're Christmas treats for dogs. You can buy Christmas outfits for your dog, too. Has the world gone mad? No, just desperately seeking something to fill the hole that only God can fill. We need to help them find it. After all, that's why Jesus came.

It's a Wonderful Life!
Remember that old film, 'It's a Wonderful Life' where the hero is shown what would have happened if he hadn't done the good he did for the people of his town? We have been placed where we are for a reason – God has prepared good works for us to do! Christmas is such a wonderful opportunity to reach out to those we love with a gift of a book instead of chocolate (tin of chocs same price as one of our books!) - if you're not sure what to buy, your local Christian bookshop can help you choose the perfect present. Don't let's miss that opportunity – books can change lives! If you can afford it, why not buy Christian books/gifts for all your friends, family and neighbours? You could be the sower of so much blessing, to pass on down the generations . . . awesome! Click here if you'd like to look at our books for children.

Is it Santa's birthday?

According to a survey conducted for the Children's Society, 14% of 6-12 year-olds think 25th December is Santa's birthday. Want to fight back? How about offering a gift of books for your local school library or local library this Christmas? Check out the latest 'special offers' page on our website for a good deal to help you reach out to the children where you are with the 'message in a story'. Click here to go to Dernier website

Kindle for Christmas?
You can buy 'The Treasure Hunt' and 'Mystery in the Snow' on Amazon. Great if you need a story for your 8-11s in a hurry – ready to read in just five minutes – perfect for a wet, grey day in the holidays! Also great for reluctant readers who think it's fun to read on something digital, or for those with less than perfect eyesight – you can increase the size of the font :-)

Books for children in Kenya
Thank you to those of you who have bought books for children in Kisumu in Kenya. It's not too late to buy a book; all donated books will be taken over to the children in the spring. Let me know if you would like to join in the blessing!

Also, I have been talking to a lady who works for a Christian charity that reaches out to prisoners in this country. Did you know that there are around 200,000 children in England and Wales with a parent in prison? 7% (around 1 in 15) children will experience their father’s imprisonment before they leave school. This charity helps prisoners send presents to their children (including a Christian book if the parent would like this) – you can read all about it here: Angel Tree Wouldn't it be great if we were able to help supply books for these children, to share the 'message in a story' with them, and help their relationship with their parent? Please pray as we consider how we can best help. If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Sharing the wealth :-)
Here is a book review we received recently of 'Under the Tamarind Tree', with many thanks to all of you who pray. “My name is Annie*, Im 11 years old, and Im a missionary kid in Central Africa (in Cameroon). Ive lived in Africa for 8 years. Im home-schooled and I like to do art.

I like “Under the Tamarind Tree” because I find it interesting reading about a boy who’s just become a missionary kid. The book is set in Rwanda and I lived in Rwanda for 5 years. I can relate to a lot of what the book is about. Mary Weeks Millard describes life in Rwanda so well that it makes me feel like I’m back there.

Under the Tamarind Tree’’ is exciting and interesting. It really gives you a feel for what it’s like for kids who have left their home country to serve God where people need Him.

I think this book is good for both boys and girls, aged 12 and under. When I read it, it makes me forget my worries and problems because I get into the book so much. The book isnt just for missionary kidsanyone would enjoy it.” *Name changed
If your church supports missionaries with children, how about sending them a parcel of exciting Christian stories? 
Well I was hoping to fit in some more reviews, and news of the Christian Parenting Challenge, but I've run out of room! I'll try to fit in another newsletter between now and Christmas :-)

May you have a wonderful time of Advent, and may you sow many seeds!
With grateful thanks as always,

P.S. If you need any help choosing a book or a selection of books, please do ask :-)

Friday, 29 November 2013

Special offer – this weekend only – act NOW!
Friday 29th November – Sunday 1st December

Those of you who know us well and are familiar with our books and our aims might like to cut to the chase and just go straight to the website to pick up their bargain! You can do that here:

Those of you who might like a bit of help to choose your books, you might like to keep reading! Thank you either way, we appreciate you all :-)

All our books are published with the aim of encouraging and inspiring young people in their faith and showing non-church kids what they are missing.

We've all seen children who have grown up in church, but have grown away, and children who are growing up not hearing the good news of Jesus.

Christmas is a great opportunity to offer a simple, non-threatening gift to non-church children you may not usually buy for. It's also the perfect time to pop a Christian book in your own child's stocking, or to give away to any child we care about. We have received so many testimonies of how the Lord has used our books to touch children's lives – your gift could be the best present they will receive this year :-)

So here's an offer to make it a bit more affordable for you to reach out to the children on your heart this year:

£1 off every book you buy
Friday 29th November –
Sunday 1st December

Be a part of it – your gift could change a life!

Please find below a little bit of information about each of our books on the one page, to help you choose. We've also added some ideas about who each book would be perfect for!

Just order in the normal way, and your discount will be taken off at the checkout.
Click here to go to the website:

May the Lord sow many seeds through your gifts this Christmas!

Beech Bank Girls, Christmas is Coming!
Eleanor Watkins

Christmas is coming! Along with the excitement, life holds its challenges for the Beech Bank Girls. Holly's family faces financial ruin, Rachel is worried about her sister, a sledging incident nearly has disastrous consequences, and an unusual nativity play brings home the true meaning of Christmas.
The perfect Christmas gift for 10-14s.
An amazing, heart-warming story. A definite 10/10.” - Ellie
Who should you buy this book for?
  • Any girl who loves Christmas!
  • Girls who love their friends
  • Girls who love reading about girls just like them!

The Only Way
Gareth Rowe
When a miserable, disaffected teenager meets the beautiful and mysterious Lily, he discovers a new way to live. Later, when Lily's life is in danger, he is willing to risk everything to save her, but circumstances are against him.
How can he live, if she doesn't survive? For ages 12+.
The Only Way is a moving, fast-paced, gripping and genius piece of writing.” - G. P. Taylor
Who should you buy this book for?

  • Anyone who loves a fast-paced read – it really is a brilliant story
  • Those who struggle with bullying at school and/or have difficulties at home
  • Young people with no previous knowledge of God. Great for lads.

The Birthday Shoes
Mary Weeks Millard
All Emily Jane wants for her birthday is a pair of fashionable boots. She
hates the fake crocodile-skin shoes she is given instead, until she discovers they hold an incredible secret! Join her as she goes on exciting adventures to Africa, making friends and discoveries about God along the way. For 8-11s.
It made me feel like I was there!” - Susanna
Who should you buy this book for?

  • Girls who love shoes and have a great imagination!
  • Church children who need to build a relationship with God for themselves
  • Friends of girls who go to church, to see what it's all about!

Beech Bank Girls, Every Girl Has A Story
Eleanor Watkins
Shortlisted for Children's Book of the Year (over 12s category),
Christian Resources Awards 2011
Six teenage friends draw nearer to God and to each other through real life issues. Amber, Holly, Willow, Annie, Rachel and Chloe share their laughter, their tears, their hopes, their fears and their secrets with each other and with us. Miracle and party included! Chick lit for ages 10-14.

Really enjoyed it and found it helpful at the same time.- Claire
Who should you buy this book for?
  • Girls from any background who love their friends!
  • Church girls who are growing in their relationship with God
  • Girls going through illness in the family, parents' separating and /or issues
  • with step-families.

Beech Bank Girls II, Making A Difference
Eleanor Watkins
Shortlisted for Youth Book of the Year, Christian Resources
Awards 2012
The Beech Bank Girls are back! An interesting hike, a new culture on their doorstep, an emotional evening . . . the friends learn from some tough issues that they can make a difference right where they are and have lots of fun at
the same time! Chick lit for10-14s.
A very exciting, fun to read, really well-written book.” - Taylor
Who could you buy this book for?
  • Girls who have children from different cultures in their schools
  • Church children who want to make a difference
  • Girls from broken homes

London's Gone
J. M. Evans
London has been bombed by terrorists. Now Maria must make a hazardous journey to safety with her sister and a Christian friend. For Maria, the journey is also within as she discovers another side to life that she did not know existed. A thrilling drama full of suspense. For ages 12+.
I just couldn't put this book down.” - Gilly
Who should you buy this book for?

  • Older girls and boys who love a good read
  • Those who feel that being a Christian is slightly embarrassing
  • Introducing Christianity to those with no previous church experience.

The Treasure Hunt
J. M. Evans
Four Christian friends fall into an exciting mystery adventure. Prayer, faith and their Bible knowledge all help, but when the case takes an unexpected turn, the friends also need to be courageous and obedient. Will they find out what is going on and find the real treasure? For ages 8-11.
Brilliant.” - Ben
Who should you buy this book for?

  • Boys and girls who love mystery adventure stories – this is an up-to-date Christian equivalent of Enid Blyton's Famous Five!
  • Kids who are familiar with Bible stories, but need to see faith outworking in experience
  • The story is a gentle introduction to the issue of people trafficking

Mystery in the Snow
J. M. Evans
Thrilling sequel to The Treasure Hunt. Ravi, Debbie, Lance and Joel set out to discover who burgled Ravi's shed. The plot thickens as a handbag goes missing, then a cat disappears. Can all these things be connected? Join the Christian friends as they find answers in unexpected places. For 8-11s.
I would definitely recommend it.” - Joshua
Who should you buy this book for?

  • Boys and girls who love cats, the snow, and dislike visiting old people!
  • Kids who need to know that they are as important to God as adults
  • Children you would like to introduce Christianity to!

I Want To Be An Airline Pilot
Mary Weeks Millard
Shema, a Rwandan goatherd from a child-led family, has many adventures, including a close brush with a snake and a goat eating his only T-shirt! Little by little Shema learns about Mister God and discovers that he has a Father in
heaven who loves him. A victorious, heart-warming story for 8-11s.
I really enjoyed this book, it's one of my favourites.” - Kemi
Who should you buy this book for?

  • Boys and girls who enjoy stories about children from other cultures
  • Kids who do not realise that God loves them
  • Children who lead comfortable lives, to see how many others have to manage

Living in Hope
Mary Weeks Millard
The thrilling to sequel to I Want to Be an Airline Pilot, for 8-11s. Shema and his family and friends have many exciting and dangerous challenges to face in the Village of Hope. Frida is tricked into leaving her family, Sam is falsely
accused of stealing; will their faith triumph?
This is the best book I have ever read and I would recommend it to anyone.” - Sophie
Who should you buy this book for?

  • Boys and girls who need to know that prayer changes things
  • Kids who are growing in their faith
  • Children who know someone who has been abducted, or who have family problems themselves

Under the Tamarind Tree
Mary Weeks Millard
The final book in the Rwanda series for 8-11s. Joshua and Timo's fathers are doctors and the boys have to go with their families to live in rural Rwanda, leaving their old lives behind. Neither wants to go, but they soon make friends with Shema and a lad with disabilities and discover that God
does know best.
It shows us how God helps us in our lives. I would recommend this book to my friends.” - Jacob
Who should you buy this book for?

  • Children struggling with a house move or a change in their lives
  • Church and non-church boys and girls who need to learn to trust God for themselves
  • Boys and girls who have friends with a disability, or who have a disability themselves
  • Missionary kids

Deepest Darkness
Denise Hayward
Abi suffers from terrible nightmares and her life is ruled by fear. She makes a new friend who shows her that true light shines, even in the deepest darkness of the rain forest at night! Abi gradually faces her fears and finds a new freedom. A thrilling, moving story for 8-11s.
This is one of the best books I have read – EVER!” - Maddie
Who should you buy this book for?

  • Children who struggle with fears/anxiety  of any kind
  • Kids for whom the concept of prayer is new, or needs exploring
  • Boys and girls who enjoy thoughtful stories. Many have been deeplymoved by this book.
 . . . and here's the link for the offer: Click here for website offer

Do hope you fun choosing!
May the Lord bless each and every one of you, and all the children on your heart :-)

Until next time,