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Welcome to the March 2015
Dernier Publishing newsletter

Hope rising!
I love the spring – fresh new leaves pushing through, all the signs of hope. And there's new hope in the Dernier camp too . . . new Christian books for children are on their way; every one a miracle of new growth!

1. Beech Bank Girls, A Time Remembered, is now in production for release in June – we'll probably have the books by the 1st June, which is ahead of schedule – woo hoo, that doesn't happen very often! They will be with us in time for Sunday School prizes – could your church do that this year? Children and young people are reading - let's give them excellent, relevant, fun Christian books.

2. Revenge of the Flying Carpet is brand new but currently only available on kindle. This is a Christian story for children 10-14-ish I wrote myself so it's really difficult to promote – but if you would be kind enough to buy a copy from the Amazon kindle store (just £1.99), all money will go towards production of new books. My good friend Adie left the following review (I didn't ask but she's a good friend!) . . . This is a captivating story, full of drama and adventure. Flying through history to far-off lands, the children meet and chat with people who are specially chosen for them (by the carpet?) to help them make sense of life. Issues of self-image, relationships, injustice, revenge and ultimately forgiveness and Christian faith are dealt with skilfully, and the author taps into the minds and feelings of the children with brilliance.” Let me know what you think – I'd love to hear your reviews too – and if there's enough interest it might just make it to paperback. Here's the link:
P.S. you don't need a kindle to read kindle books – you can download the free app so you can read books on any tablet, pc or phone.

3. I am delighted to tell you that we have commissioned a new book for teens! The City Kid is a re-worked version of a book (and play, with a young John Sentamu in the title role!) Clive Lewis wrote some years ago when he was living in Africa. The main character in the story moves to the city and gets involved in corrupt practises . . . but finds redemption. It's an excellent story, and one every teen should read. It's gritty, with back-stabbing, night clubs and . . . hang on, I mustn't spoil it for you! Clive has started a blog about the book, so do follow and pass on the info to anyone you think might be interested:

Torch Trust
A Pennyworth of Peppermints is now available from Torch Trust in Braille and large print! (joining Deepest Darkness and Beech Bank Girls, Every Girl has a Story). Although the story is for 8-11s, we have heard that elderly people are also enjoying this book, as they remember days gone by. Isn't that wonderful! Please pray for everyone who reads this book, that they would find forgiveness and discover that God is always with them, just as Ben does in the story.

Mary in Rwanda
Author Mary Week Millard would value our prayers as she is off to Rwanda from 13th to 30th March. She will be visiting old friends, running women's seminars and helping with a ministry to widows. Mary says, “I really didn't think that I would have the joy of returning one more time to Rwanda, but God is so good!

1 in 4
According to recent research, one in every four books sold in the UK is a children's/young adult book. Christians seem to be behind on this trend though – I wonder why? If you are reading this, you know the value of Christian books for children – how can we spread the news? If you have an idea, come over to our facebook page – maybe together we can start a campaign: ! I love to share the Dernier vision in person, so if you live within shouting-ish distance of London/Kent/Sussex/Surrey, do contact me – maybe I can come and talk to your church group?

As always, I've run out of room – and in case I don't write again before Easter, may the Lord bless us all as we remember the Lord's death and resurrection – all because he loves us. That's truly good news to share – God's grace, available to everyone!


P.S. It's not too late to order books for your children's holiday club – we still have the 20 books 20% off offer on our website. It's worth every penny, to get the good news in a story into the homes of your children. Not one church has taken us up on this offer yet – would you be kind enough to spread the news? Thank you!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015





Hello! Janet here. I'm a publisher of Christian books for children, but I also love to write! I'd like to introduce you now to my latest story, Revenge of the Flying Carpet.

When my children started to read 'chapter books' it was difficult finding Christian stories for them to read. Where were the books where the characters pray, read the Bible, go on adventures and solve mysteries? :-) What about books where children discover that God loves them? At the back of my mind I felt a calling to start up a publishing company, but it seemed impossible (and ridiculous!). Why me? I had no background in business, publishing, sales, or marketing! So I did what came easier to me and started writing stories instead!

Then in 2003 my first husband died, and I decided that if the Lord wanted me to do something I'd better get on with it. None of us knows how long we have. So I took a deep breath and set up Dernier Publishing. After all, I guessed that if I was looking for Christian books for my children, many more people must be searching too.

I didn't want to ruin anyone else's stories while I was still finding out what to do, so I finished writing London's Gone and followed it up with The Treasure Hunt and Mystery in the Snow. Bit by bit I learnt how to transform these stories from Word documents into paperbacks, and so Dernier Publishing was born. (Yes, that is a strange name, but I used to live in a Dernier Road!)By the grace of God we now have several authors working with us.
We have thirteen books in paperback and several more on the way - we also have some wonderful posters and useful prayer booklets. You can find them all on the Dernier Publishing website. (Click here to go to the Dernier Publishing website)
Let me tell you a bit about Revenge of the Flying Carpet, though. The main character is a fourteen-year-old boy called Paul who has a sister who makes his life a misery. Paul finds a magic carpet in his gran's dusty loft, and thinks it's going to help him to get revenge on Trinity, but instead . . . no, I won't tell you any more!

Just to say, the story explores the themes of revenge, justice, forgiveness and mercy in a Christian context. I hope and pray that many young people around the world (10-14-ish) will enjoy reading the story and also find it encouraging, inspiring and even helpful. After all, forgiveness is at the heart of the good news of Jesus.

Revenge of the Flying Carpet is currently only available as a kindle book. I hope to bring it out as a paperback at some point, but some other new books are taking precedence. (Email me if you don't receive the Dernier Publishing newsletter to make sure you don't miss out on any new releases!)Email Janet

Here are a couple of reviews:

A brilliant, captivating story which includes good biblical truths about forgiveness, mercy and being a follower of Christ. I really enjoyed reading it and couldn't wait to get to the next chapter!” - Naomi

Very engaging. I understood from it the importance of forgiveness.” - Reuben 
The price is $2.99 (£1.99) from the Amazon kindle store. (Don't worry if you don't have a kindle, anybody can read Kindle books—even without a Kindle device—with the FREE Kindle app for smartphones, tablets and computers.)

Click here to browse or buy!

And please let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading. :-)


Janet Wilson
Founder of Dernier Publishing

P.S. I was Evans before I was Wilson. :-) Because I already had three books out, I decided to stick to Evans for this new book. But it's still me!
P.P. S. The M stands for Mary :-)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Christian books for schools - Dernier Publishing news

Books for Schools
Things are getting tougher for Christian schools who don't want to promote certain lifestyles and other religions. At the moment there is no restriction on using Christian books in schools – at least, they are not (yet?) banned! Who knows what will happen in the future? Jesus did warn his followers 'all men will hate you because of me'. We're not there yet in the UK, but perhaps we are on the way. In many countries the Bible and all Christian literature is completely banned, not just in schools. If you've missed the recent news about Christian schools, this is an informative article:
We have the freedom to move at the moment – perhaps our time is now. Maybe Dernier is a kind of Esther – 'for such a time as this'. In any case, our aim, as always, is to reach as many children as we can with the good news through good stories. May the Lord grant the increase!

A Pennyworth of Peppermints in Chickerell
Author Mary Weeks Millard sent me this message: “After church yesterday, the youngest daughter of one of the families came up to me to tell me that her school are going to use A Pennyworth of Peppermints as part of their history learning. She attends Chickerell village school.” Isn't that great! Chickerell features in the story, which is set in WW1, but it's great for any class of interested pupils!

20 % off 20 Books
To help churches, schools and charities reach out to the children on their hearts we have a new 20% off 20 books button on our website, so if you order 20 books or more you will have 20% discount taken off at the checkout. to take advantage of this offer, go to the Dernier website. Please do make the most of this – it's as much as we can offer and still keep standing – and we really would like our books to reach children near and far. Thank you! I know I've said this before, but imagine if every child in the UK and in English-speaking schools abroad had access to the good news of Jesus through exciting stories! We can do it if we work together! Your local Christian bookshop may also be able to give you this offer - always worth asking.

Book Club
I recently visited the book club run by a Christian teacher in one of our local schools. What fun! The girls had just finished reading A Pennyworth of Peppermints and had really enjoyed it – they treated me like a celebrity and I didn't even write it! After talking about publishing for a while (the photo is of the girls having a very excited look at all Dernier's books) Mrs Angell asked the girls what they liked most about the story. They all shot their hands straight up! One girl said she thought Ben (the main character) was very brave when his brothers then his father went to war, then his mum became ill from working in the munitions factory. Another liked the glossary! Another liked the Zeppelin raid in London best – she told us she read that bit to her nan, who had asked to read it herself. One of the girls' favourite parts was when Ben prayed and knew that Jesus was always with him, whatever happened. And eating peppermints at the book club was universally popular. :-) Mrs Angell is doing a fab job – these girls are learning about faith through sharing good stories . . . and the seeds are reaching into their families too. Thank you to all who have prayed for this little club –they are reading Deepest Darkness next. If you are thinking of setting up a book club, do let us all know, we'd love to pray for you too!

Books for African Christian Schools
Mary Weeks Millard has donated some of her books to a group of Christian schools in Uganda. She writes, “Pastor Emmy Nnyanzi heads up Parental Care Ministries which now has six primary schools and one senior school for orphans and disadvantaged children in Mbarara and surrounding areas in the south west of Uganda. He himself has five biological children and 73 other children who live with them in the holidays as extended family as they have no homes! I was around at the very start of the work and am so amazed at what the Lord has done in just 13 years. I will put an attached photo of me giving some books to Emmy for his family and the High school family.” (Photo above.) Thank you to all of you have prayed for Dernier from the beginning – for those of you who have joined us more recently, we started off with one book and a handful of sales – now our books are reaching children all over the world. It's amazing what the Lord has done!

If your church or family support an English-speaking school and you would like to give them a gift of books, please do use the 20 books 20% discount offer, and if there's anything else we can do to help, please let me know!

That's it for this special schools edition! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter, and thank you for all your support.

Kindest regards,

P.S. Would you please be kind enough to forward this newsletter to two or three friends/co-workers who might be interested in what we do, or share on facebook, twitter or google+? We'd love to spread news of our books a bit further!

If you have been forwarded this by a friend, we would be delighted if you would subscribe! Please email me and I'll add you to our list of valued supporters: Email Janet 
Thank you very much for your interest.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Dernier Publishing January news!

Welcome to the first Dernier Publishing newsletter of 2015!

"If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.” Dwight L Moody”

It is estimated that no less than a hundred million people heard the gospel from DL Moody's lips. He preached in meetings all over the US and Europe, started Sunday Schools, churches, a publishing house, and Bible schools. His sermons were translated into many languages and his preaching and teaching were (and still are!) disseminated all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people responded to his gospel message. Yet towards the end of his life he said these words: “If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.” I find this an awesome quote, from someone who started off teaching children in Sunday School. In some ways I'm not sure quite what to make of it. But one thing I am sure of is this: the vision for Dernier Publishing is to reach as many children as we can with the 'message in a story'.

You can read more about DL Moody's life and ministry here: DL Mooody short biography– I heartily recommend it to you for your encouragement.

Weymouth event

Thank you if you prayed for the children who received A Pennyworth of Peppermints at the WW1 event in Weymouth last month. There were 93 children who took part from local primary schools and every one received a book sponsored by Christians from Weymouth churches!

Author Mary says, "I have heard that the children were very excited to receive the books. One girl took hers to school the next day as her reading book of choice and did her English work year (putting direct speech into reported speech) using it! The St. John's school children were especially excited as they have read 'I want to be an Airline Pilot' as a class reader and I went to talk to them at Pentecost about the Holy Spirit giving me ideas!"

Please keep praying for these children, and their families, as they read this book. Many will have no church background. Thank you!

Book Club

The teacher who has started the book club with children at her school says, “Thank you for your prayers. The club started this week with 8 girls. They all appeared to have enjoyed it (I heard "That was fun!" as they left) but we didn't get far in the book. Got side tracked with old money and traditional sweets on page 1! Still, I guess that's the idea of a book club: it can take you in all sorts of directions and I pray that when it comes to it, the girls will be open to discussions about faith.”

Please keep praying for this initiative. Might you be interested in doing something similar in your local school? I'd be happy to act as a go between (Google+ circle?) for anyone interested.


Do pop over to join us on facebook if you would like to keep up with all that's new and the odd encouraging comment from a spiritual point of view! It's always really lovely to have feedback from you, too :-) If you or your children have enjoyed our books, please do share! Dernier Publishing facebook page

2015 Books!

Drum roll please . . . and trumpet sound . . . we will be bringing out FIVE new stories this year!

They are:

  • Beech Bank Girls, A Time Remembered
  • Revenge of the Flying Carpet
  • Blackberries for Tea
  • ACE Survival Team
  • The City Kid

I'll be honest with you; we don't have funds to bring all these good stories out in paperback – some will have to begin their lives as ebooks, unless a miracle happens. However, I do believe in miracles, and I know you do to, so please pray with me! The last couple of years have seen a reduction in books published, and I want to come out against that kicking and screaming . . . so here we go! May 2015 be the year when more hearts are touched through our books than ever before. Amen!

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ also be with you today, and every day throughout the coming year.


Friday, 19 December 2014

Last Orders!

Thank you for reading the
December 2014
Dernier Publishing news!

On a visit to Tallinn, Estonia, recently, I was both delighted and moved to find a nativity scene proudly displayed in the Town Hall Square. Estonia only declared independence from Russia in 1991 – what a great sign of freedom, to now be able to openly proclaim Emmanuel, God with us, in a public place. How alarming that in the UK such freedoms are now being eroded! Under the Russians, all Estonian women had to go back to work 56 days after their babies were born. From that time on children went to State nurseries, where they were taught that only backward and stupid people believe in God. Even though as Christians we are facing some opposition here in the west, we still have freedom to pass on the good news to the children of our land – let's cherish that freedom and use it while we have it. God will build his church – let's be part of it.

Last orders!(Skip this section if you already have all your Christmas gifts sorted . . . unless you want a free book anyway!)

It's not too late to order books for Christmas, but only just! If your local Christian bookshop has sold out of the ones you want, you can order them from our website TODAY (19th December 2014):
Click here to go to the Dernier website

As a thank you for all your support throughout this year, I'd like to make you a special offer, to help you reach out to the children on your heart: if you order two books or more through our website today, I will send a
free copy of Living in Hope for you to give away, with our compliments. BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO ACT NOW, so get clicking!

To receive your FREE BOOK, simply write 'Living in Hope' on the contact form on the website, or on the note when you pay by Paypal or credit/debit card. Although the free book won't appear on your shopping cart, it will automatically be added to your order at our end, and sent to you with the other books you have ordered.
Here's a brief bit of blurb about each of our current titles, with a link, to help you save time searching for yourself (I know how busy life is right now!):

A Pennyworth of Peppermints:
: Spy story set in WW1 for 8-11s. Ben finds forgiveness and discovers that Jesus will never leave him.

The Birthday Shoes

: fun story for girls. Emily Jane travels to Africa wearing magic shoes, where she makes friends, learns about crocodiles and makes some important discoveries about God.

Deepest Darkness

: never a dull moment in this story about freedom from fear for 8-11s, set in Canada. Perfect for sensitive children. Audio versions also available.

I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

: Set in rural Rwanda. Shema discovers through a series of adventures that he has a father in heaven who cares for him. Great book for children in difficult circumstances.

Living in Hope

: Sequel to 'Pilot'. Shema and his family have found a new faith, but when one of their friends is tricked into leaving for the city, will their new faith survive? Includes lots of football matches, so a great book for boys as well as girls!

Under the Tamarind Tree:

Two lads move to Shema's village with their families to set up a medical centre. Neither boy wants to go, but they make friends and discover that God knows best. Great book for children facing change.

The Treasure Hunt:

Mystery adventure story– four children from a church youth club solve the mystery of who is in the white van. Gentle introduction to modern slavery. Exciting page-turner for reluctant readers.

Mystery in the Snow:

Sequel to The Treasure Hunt. The four Christian friends are hot on the tail of a shed burglar, but get themselves in trouble. Lovely way to show that it's great to be a Christian!

Beech Bank Girls, Every Girl Has a Story

: All 10-14-year-old girls need to read this book! Christian issues but all part of a fun story. Each of the six featured girls has her own perspective – and it all ends up with a party!

Beech Bank Girls, Making a Difference:

Second book in the series. The girls discover that they don't have to wait until they are older to make a difference.

Beech Bank Girls, Christmas is Coming!

The perfect book for girls this Christmas! The friends learn more about faith and answered prayer – all through the trials of teenage life. :-)

The Only Way:

Gripping story about a lad who has a tough life, but is saved by a mystery girl who makes him think for the first time in his life. Then Lily falls ill; can he, in turn, save her? For 11-14s. If you're stuck for a book for a boy, this would be a good choice.

London's Gone:
Teen drama. London is bombed by terrorists; three teenagers need to make their way to safety, but nothing is safe any more. Great book if you are looking for a non-threatening Christian book for teens.

More News!I have so much more news to share with you, but I think I'll keep it for another week when you have a bit more time for reading! So for now, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas – I do hope the newsletters have been an encouragement to you this year. May God's presence remain with you during this wonderful season when we celebrate the birth of our dear Lord Jesus.

And hope you all have a lovely break!

Founder of Dernier Publishing and the Write for a Reason course
With love,

PS Please do pass this on to anyone who might be interested. Thank you!

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November News and Prayer requests from Dernier Publishing

Welcome to the November 2014
Dernier Publishing newsletter!

We are creators!

We are children of a creator God, and I’m a firm believer in being creative – it’s part of the awesome privilege we have of being made in His image. If we have been given a gift I believe we should use it to honour God who gave us this ability. Some people love creating a garden, others a website. Others love to sew, paint, stick, make things from wood, make music or delicious meals. Others love to write. All these things are wonderful gifts from God that we can use to serve others. But we have to learn our craft. If we want to produce pretty much anything of value, we need someone to show us how to do it, people to encourage us (even our first feeble efforts!) and we need to stick at it and not give up when the going gets tough. (The photo is of a friend from DR Congo – I showed her how to make English cakes!)

This isn't the first time I have mentioned Write for a Reason a course I set up for Christian writers who write, or want to write, fiction for 8-14s. There are also lots of free writing tips on the Write for a Reason website! Why not take a look, or point a writer friend there? What greater joy could there be than for us to point the way to Jesus through our gift of writing? Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We can be workers in this harvest with our writing. Books change lives . . . More details here: Write for a Reason

If you're not a writer, what is your creative gift? Are you using it to bless others? :-)

Sad figures

I found this statistic recently and jotted it down (sorry I have forgotten where I found it): “Between 1990 and 2020 the UK church is predicted to have lost 1.1 million children from congregations.” If true, this is an alarming statistic. 1.1 million children lost from church! Here's another really sad statistic tweeted by the NSPCC a couple of weeks ago: "We are receiving more calls than ever before to ChildLine from children who are feeling suicidal." Doesn't that make your heart ache?

Jesus said, “I will build my church.” Nothing will stand against him, but in some incredible way He wants us to do our bit.

Do you know a child who might be finding life tough? Could you buy them a Christian book? Or perhaps you could organise to buy books for all your Sunday School or Kids Club this Christmas – children who seem to be walking the right path also need encouragement to stay on it! Or could you offer two or three books as raffle prizes for a village or church Christmas fete, give gifts to neighbours' children, sponsored kids abroad . . . The message of Jesus brings hope, life and light, even in the deepest darkness. Let's spread that hope, light and life this Christmas, because we can, and because it is our responsibility to do so. Imagine a life changed, through a book you gave. That's awesome.


Fabulous initiative 1: please pray!

I had a lovely email from Mary Weeks Millard a few days ago. She says, “The churches in Weymouth are presenting an event called ‘Silent Night’ on Dec 4th; carols in the local football stadium to remember the WW1 Christmas Truce. Taking part will be a choir from years 5 and 6 in the local primary schools. At the moment 6 schools have opted to take part and the special school will also be taking about 6 children. It will be about another week before numbers of participants are known; it could be 100+. The Lord has really put it on my heart that it would be good to give each child taking part a copy of ‘A Pennyworth of Peppermints’. The celebration is right, the location and the also the age group of the children. I feel that I should go ahead in faith - the organizer, Rev. Anni Douglas is thrilled with the idea as is the choir mistress (who attends our church). I am hoping that maybe church members in the town would feel they could sponsor a book.

Please do pray for this initiative and the children who will receive this book with its message of God's love and forgiveness. If you are organising an event and would like to buy a quantity of books please let me know; firstly as I can offer quantity discounts (as can most local Christian bookshops), and also so we can back you in prayer. I look forward to hearing from you!

Fabulous initiative 2: please pray!

A teacher at a local primary school is going to start up a book club at her school with books that have Christian characters! How wonderful is that! Please pray for new children to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus through these books. Thank you!

Christmas online catalogue

This is the link to our online Christmas catalogue:

Please do take a look yourself and forward it now to as many people you can think of who just might be interested, because it might be exactly what they are looking for, for a grandchild, nephew, niece, Sunday School or children's friends. Thank you very much for your help!

Next year

I have so many plans for next year, and want to make it the best ever, but I need your help. More than anything else I ask for your prayers for Dernier. I would like to bring out five books next year – some in paperback, some in digital format. More news in January in about that, but please would you start praying now, as I begin to get organised? I would appreciate that more than you know. If you join us on facebook, you can keep in touch with news as it happens: Dernier Publishing's Facebook Page. Hope to see you there!

Right, lots to do, I'd better get on with it – may the Lord bless you and keep you.

Kindest regards,


PS Don't forget to check out our online catalogue :-)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Dernier Publishing news, October 2014

I made jam!
 Having gifts and being fruitful are two completely different things. We often admire people who are gifted, and hold them in high esteem. Gifts are great, but we all have a responsibility to bear fruit, using the gifts we have been given – that's what really matters. We're not supposed to be building our own empires with the things the world things are important – power, prestige and popularity – we're supposed to be growing good fruit; fruit that lasts. (Oh, and I made the jam to make my fruit last! :-) Sorry, that's such a tenuous link but I'm really pleased with my blackberry jam – if you'd like to taste it come on over!)
I am delighted to tell you that we have sold more books this year than ever before, so far. It's still not a lot in commercial terms (I have so much more to learn about marketing!) and I have no idea how much fruit will come from those books, but it's thrilling to see them go out. And we could sow so many more seeds . . . I have so many boxes of books just waiting for homes.

School packs
With that in mind, if you have a child or grandchild in Years 3 to 8, or if you have links with a local school, would you consider buying a pack for their school class library, please, because schools are always looking for books! Just for this month (October 2014), and only to newsletter subscribers, each pack will be just £25.00. If you would like a pack, email me on now and let me know which one you would like. Imagine if we could get our books into every school in the country and every child had the opportunity to read the message in a story!
Year 3 School Pack

Year 4 School Pack

Year 5 School Pack

Year 6 School Pack
Year 7 School Pack
Year 8 School Pack

Christian Parenting Challenge
The Christian Parenting Challenge is still up and running; I had a message from a Hindu lady who asked if it was OK for her to follow the blog, even though she is not a Christian. I get so many SPAM messages that I was at first suspicious that it was hoax, but this mum also has a genuine blog . . . she said, “Your blog is lovely. I write to you as a parent, though not a Christian one, but a Hindu one. The concerns and challenges you have set up and shared here relate to my concerns today as a parent of two amazing boys, 13 and 6.
I would very much like to be a part of your community as I believe we can learn much from others who have walked the path. It's just that I was not sure if you would be comfortable having a non-church going follower.”
Of course I said yes! If you would like to come over and subscribe, please do! Or join us on facebook: and invite your friends – let's support and help each other. :-)

Greek translations
One of our supporters, Michelle, is hoping to get our books translated into Greek, because there are so few Christian books for Greek children, and very little evangelical activity in Greece. Michelle currently lives in Cyprus. If you would like to join in this exciting venture, hop over to and keep in touch. Michelle says, “I have found an organisation called Christian Lingua ( who do professional translation in all languages of Christian resources. I explained what I want to do and that I will try to focus on raising funds to get resources translated, proof read and then printed and distributed. At this point no commitments have been made. I am just researching possibilities. Worth a try, Its in the Lord's hands who knows....”
It's true that the Lord can do more than we can ask for or imagine! Thank you in advance for your support. :-)

Beech Bank Girls 4

Beech Bank Girls 4 is going to paperback! We now have enough funds to begin production, so DV this lovely fourth book in the Beech Bank Girls series will be out in the spring. Whooo hooo! If you would like to buy the kindle version while you are waiting, you can do so here:

If you or your girls have read this lovely book, would you be kind enough to leave feedback now? Only one person has left a review so far . . . the more reviews we have, the further up the Amazon ladder we go, and the more they will promote the book. Even a few words count! Thank you for your help.

And there we go, that's all the news for now – oh no it's not, there's the Write for a Reason course! We're half way through the first course and I'm thrilled how students have engaged with the material. If you would like to know more, go to: Or email me on the usual address!
With thanks as always for your prayers, your encouragement and your support,